Monday, March 12, 2012

The humming tree

Yesterday being the warmest day of the year I spent most of the afternoon out at my new property - Late in the afternoon the wind picked up as I was standing under a tall pine tree ( the tallest in the photo above) and I felt a humming vibration all around me and the tree. I realized it was coming from the top of the tree and it sounded almost but not quite like power lines in the wind. I put my left hand palm to the tree and felt nothing - so it must have been just sound (I know every tree has its own wind sound reaction depending on shape - yet had never heard this sound). I know it sounds woohoo and out of there -- but it was truly one of those life changing experiences.

I hope everyone has had at least one such experience. No brilliant wisdom or thoughts but the feel of connection to the earth and the energy of the universe - science or spirit or both.

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