Thursday, March 24, 2011

A minor tribute

Spring!     Tear apart the pristine cover that cold has allowed - creep forward into quiet corners - pounce on flyways my dear you can't hold back any longer your time is here again you are needed call the bloody rites to begin slash the quiet with song this season abides by your ruling and we listen and obey: what will you have us do?

Spring replies -

I rise one morning, gather my hair, and a sharp whistle calls- I raise one hand ; a grackle screams and the chorus begins. all things are under my power now, let others think that I am soft- today the renewal challenges all life to change. Men think renewal means the soul must change to better accept that god-in-print. Fools! you don't know him. He gives me leave to open cruel games. Oh, yes, the flowering is mine, but so is the new blood.

Impartial am I to life. I am no longer shy, so don't ever trifle with cliches that say I am a wise and comforting mother. HA! I crush impiety and cradle my following with a stained hand. Crystal eyes can blind, caves can be the only comfort for your eyes and my kin know that to see is not the happiest gift I give.

I have slept these white months, I am fresh and ready to terrify the uninitiate with our splendor .... don't get in my way....

March 1982 - not March 2011 when spring has been delayed by fresh snow.

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