Tuesday, February 15, 2011

how healthy can a pizza be?

I am trying to live without dairy products but pizza without cheese, while edible and even tasty, isn't pizza. So - for the last few months I've been experimenting. Tonight's blend is ; from the bottom -- bread dough that I keep in the refrigerator - www.artisanbreadinfive.com   - unsalted tomato paste mixed with a tablespoon of smokey salsa and olive oil and Italian herb mix (pasta sprinkles from Penzeys) - one small bit of leek sliced thin -- one leftover boiled fingerling potato - 3 green olives sliced thin - one slice of leftover fried cherry smoked bacon in small dices - two roma style green beans sliced .. and finally one stick of string cheese pulled apart into very thin triangles.

I prebake the crust on a preheated pizza pan at 475F for 15 minutes ... then add the toppings - put the pizza back in the oven and turn off the heat. 10 minutes to delight.

The pizza is about 4" x 8" - and is about 2 normal slices? I find it just enough for a meal. The beans and potato make it very filling.


  1. This is a lovely blog, Karen. I particularly like your Pseko Design art up top!

  2. Thank you Terri for your kind words

    (and thanks for the link to Theodora Goss' blog on valuing oneself :-) )