Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time and speed

I've been obsessed by time and speed and the earth. Last night when I read about the latest earthquake in New Zealand I was paralyzed by sadness. I have written so many lighthearted poems about the power in this earth but this morning I am praying for safety for those in Christchurch and also for all who are bravely facing the dangers in standing up for freedom (not license). I am only one person with you in spirit but I think there are a multitude surrounding us.

so here is more - to remind me that the earth is amoral - and perceptively diverse.

once and only once

watching the
full moon set
what moves?
the earth or moon?
of course I know
they are both moving -
-but -
once I watched
and saw the earth
roll away from the moon.
I've never seen it
that way again.

Like my first view
of the Grand Canyon
when it stretched out
and in a split second
receded like a
retractable wash line
into a more humanly
comfortable scale.

I often mourned when I was young that I couldn't feel the real speed of the earth... after seeing the drawing of the Little Prince on his tiny guest home - his scarf flowing out behind him. Now I realize I do feel the real earth speed everyday but my brain restricts the scale.

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