Sunday, February 27, 2011

NBNS Greens political party

 Introducing a new US political party .. the NBNS Greens. The platform is shaky but the intentions are firm. We want to register a refresher course in thoughtful civility and trust. The main directions at this time would be to begin dialogue on the following topics.

Conservative yet ethical look at anti-trust and anti-monopoly corporate 'situations' in the US.

Repealing Citizens United and asking the Supreme Court why they tried to hoodwink us poor slobs.

USDA and FDA haste in approving certain products from a rather large monopoly.

House and Senate term limits and compensation limits (including lifelong healthcare).

Campaign contribution and campaign spending limits. Serious ones!

Recognition that this country is made up of a family of diverse values and diverse lifestyles.

That all citizens should have the right to be heard.

That the sanctity of the separation of church and state is upheld and why.

What really is the situation of US imperialistic capitalism abroad?

What is a fair first step toward humanizing health care?

We also wonder if it's time to challenge the intelligence and practicality of a two party system.

 Who we are:

we're thoughtful
extremely honest
cooperative not adversarial
running on human contributions with a dollar limit
and biodynamic greens along with humanely raised animals
also fueled by humanure, solar, wind and biodiesel (from used cooking oil of course)
curiosity and a love for life long learning.
and perhaps most importantly a willingness to leave our egos out of politics.

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